Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Can You Do for EARTH toDAY?

We'll it's officially Earth Day and we are pretty fired up about it here in Colorado! I saw Pearl Izumi's staff outside picking up an adjacent lot and got emails from my friends at Clif Bar asking me how was I spending Earth Day which happens to coincide with my Wednesday off day otherwise known as Multisport Wednesdays. So after a triple decker high batch of pancakes, I was off to make my Earth Day a hit.

1. Picked up my Adopt a Highway section of Left Hand Canyon. Done!

2. Paddled at Confluence Whitewater Park in Denver AND filled 1 bag of trash from shoreline. Done!

3. Sold my SUV/FJ Cruiser and bought an Audi wagon! Not really but did last month in anticipation of Earth DAy!

4. I called my sports medicine suppliers and insisted they ship product to my clinic with USED CARDBOARD BOXES. Who cares if the outer box looks ghetto? Immersion Research put me onto this after I received a product order from them that the box had clearly been around! Save your shipping boxes in your business and pass it on! Sometimes I feel like I do more damage to the environment running boxes around town to recycler than if I just passed them forward when I ship something. I found a friend that owns an ebay business and he was all smiles to become the new recipient of my boxes weekly.
5. Sent emails to my friends reminding them to attend the 2009 Platte River Cleanup this weekend... sponsored by KEEN.
That's all for now Earth fans. Pass it forward.

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