Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adopt A Highway...Fight Back Against the Litterbugs!

So every time I clean my beloved adopted 2 mile highway section on Left Hand Canyon on one of Boulder's premiere cycling routes I feel the need to play a little game. The game is come up with a new way to break my course record cleaning it using any means available. I've cleaned it running only, using my scooter and a jousting pickerupper, rollerblades, jumping out of the back of a truck, one bike ride at a name it, I've tried it. The new Sprinter van is paying off at every turn as this time Heather drove it while I hung out the side door like a hawk looking for it's recyclable prey...just salivating at the sight of every neglected piece of aluminum or glass beverage container anchored needlessly in the riparian tundra otherwise known as Left Hand Canyon.

Here are a few pics of the mornings work, 3 mega bags, 2 tires, 1 construction sign, and 1 box of jelly beans. I will say Bud Light cans are the usual instrument for those that are too lazy to throw away trash in a responsible manner but whiskey is clearly out of favor this tough recession. Imports were also no where to be found although a few high class litterbugs still lurk in the shadows.

Jesse...A+ on the Immersion Research Gertler shorts for functionality while trash collecting. They perform flawlessly in the low crouching positions jumping over trees, treacherous buried glass, and guard rails!

Special thanks to Clif Bar who is hosting a mega highway cleanup this week in Boulder County to do it's
part in promoting responsible trash disposal on Colorado's beloved roadways!

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