Monday, July 26, 2010

World Championships...Big Water and a Little Cash for the Road

Reeeaaaching for that next catch!

Unleash the new Waka Two from ZBS Sports in Czech Republic custom painted by Tomas Slovak...transparent Signal Blue:) By th e look on my face, I'd say I was 2 heartbeats away from blowing a gasket. Ah...the art of wildwater paddling...go so hard on the flats you almost blow a gasket then survive the rapids! Getting more confident at this balance but I have alot to learn:)

Another year of flooding every June 1st in Europe. This is the sprint course run out in Sort, Spain. The upper course got high enough that the whole river was off limits for 3 days. Flashbacks of Ivrea, Italy in 2008
Just another day at the office...just when you ask for big you get too big:)
On break between heats...

Play time for Heather and to find another bakery for a E'Clair! Maybe I already had one in my mouth.

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