Monday, March 23, 2009

Kayak to Work Week! March 23-30th

We'll it's official race fans. No better way to get your kayak to your local waterway than in tow behind the townie bike! Special thanks to Ian Adamson from Boulder for his engineering expertise in designing this marvel of geometry and mathematics. I sure do get alot of honks and rubbernecking when hauling a load but it sure beats gas prices these days. I'm even offering neighboorhood kids a ride if they're under 4o lbs and they don't mind it's a little top heavy design so no BMX moves when sidecar occupied. Truth be known, it's actually my stealth mode of paddling on Boulder Reservoir afterhours at night as the park rangers can't find my bike hidden in the fields nor can I after a brisk spring paddle with ice on my drytop!
Pass it some gas and make someone chuckle.

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