Monday, March 23, 2009

Westwater Canyon Meets Wildwater Kayak Nov 2008

Westwater Nov 2008

So Heather and I joined 30 of our newly met friends on a paddling trip organized by Bob Cooke from Denver REI. Westwater Canyon is a classic big water class 3-4 run from the Utah Colorado State Line almost to Westwater. We joined 10 kayakers and 3 rafts for this overnight camping trip.

It all started innocently enough, with smiles from ear to ear. Day 2 made up for a casual first day of great slot canyon waterfalls and slickrock slides in one of America's true paddling treasures. We had one raft puncture so had to consolidate the rafters onto one raft seen here with "Boz" at the helm running the uncommon line right through the Skull at Skull Rapid. I'm too old for the hero line so here I am taking the weak sister line with Bob on the camera waiting for carnage to unfold without fruition in this saavy, crack squad of motivated paddlers. We had our share of carnage and had to work through a shoulder dislocation in the belly of the canyon but all worked out and what a great group. Our rescue raft was so overloaded we had a little fun towing it out of the canyon here right near the takeout.


  1. Interesting boat the blue kayak. Any idea what brand/type it is? Thanks. Karl
    charles1968ca at yahoo dot com

  2. Karl,

    It is a plastic wildwater training boat from Italy called a Sistema Fastwave. It is very similiar to a Perception Wavehopper that are available in the US.